Graphics Designing and Printing

The science behind our designs is to ensure that every single touch point that the brand uses to interact with its audiences is created to offer an integrated experience. Design is the creative resonance of ideas & images and their expression in a variety of media. We turn strategy into visual expression into market success. The purpose of design is to support the brand strategy by being the 'face' of it. Right from conceiving your brand colors and customizing & creating your brand logo to designing your stationery collaterals and promotional articles we take up everything leaving you with more freedom.
Exhibition Management

Exhibitions play a valuable part in the conference mix. In our experience, they often exceed expectations in terms of revenue targets and sales leads for participants.

Road Shows

Road shows are usually electronic presentations accompanied by physical samples of the product and the presentation itself. A road show is a presentation made about an opportunity usually given by a representative of a company at the offices.

Visual Communication

Visual communication is communication through visual aid. It is portrayed as the conveyance of ideas and details in forms that can be read or looked upon.

Corporate Presentation

Trust our skilled multimedia professionals to create outstanding, user friendly presentations for you and add new dimensions to the information you share. It is a medium of presenting facts in an interesting manner to create just one effect - positive impact.

Brand Launches

Brand Launch is an accelerated and affordable branding package that will jump start your brand communication efforts and keep your business moving forward to gain always a better clients.

Advertising & PR

Public relations and advertising are often used synonymously, but these techniques are worlds apart. And may lead one organization to success, relationship-building via PR may be the answer for another.

Event Management

Event management is the co-ordination, running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create every kind of event. Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of events.

Corporate Identity Package

"Corporate Identity" is a beautiful and versatile graphics package featuring six of the most requested broadcast elements including a :30 second promo/opener, logo reveal, lower-third, footage overlay, background and transition!

Interior / Retail

Influenced by the idea of designing a playful and simple space for The Candy Room, the design team painted the entire space white and relied on line artwork to produce the room's elements. We are the first to bring attention to spectacular examples of upscale interior/retail designs.

Corporate Gifts & Packages

We are now offering corporate gift packages for those friends, clients and staff who you wish to thank in a very special way.

Furniture Design

Innovation isn't just about coming up with something 100% new that nobody had seen before. It can be about taking what is already there and pushing it farther, or executing better than anyone else and getting all the small things right.