Data Entry Services

Dreamy Web Solutions offers a wide range of back office and Information Technology Enabled Services namely data entry, data processing and data conversion that are equivalent to global standards in terms of efficiency and accuracy. In the modern world data entry is the fundamental and most indispensable internal function of every business firms, organizations and service providers. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard and competence.

Dreamy Web Solutions offers professional Data Entry Services, Data Conversion Services, Data Processing Services, Image Scanning and Indexing and other customized services as per the requirement of the client. Dreamy Web Solutions has been committed to provide quality Data Entry Services to its clients world over.

We at Dreamy Web Solutions believe in customer satisfaction and all our services and efforts are focused to provide the best results to our clients and to better their expectations. We have dedicated teams which are deployed for clients with easy and transparent communication, flexible working hours, experienced data professionals and regular reporting to ensure that the client is updated on timely basis for the progress of the project and is delivered with high quality services.


  1. Online Data entry
  2. Offline Data Entry
  3. Image Data Entry
  4. Database Data Entry
  5. Text and Numeric Data Entry
  6. Catalog Data Entry
  7. Data Entry of e-books
  8. Data Entry from Printed / Handwritten Source
  9. Data Entry of Dictionaries, Manuals & Encyclopedia
  10. Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting, and Indexing
  11. Accounting & Book Keeping
  12. Legal Documents Entry
  13. Data Entry of e-books


  1. 1) Document Conversion
  2. 2) Document Conversion
  3. 3) PDF conversion
  4. 4) HTML conversion
  5. 5) Catalog Conversion
  6. 6) Book Conversion


  1. 1) Text Format (*.txt)
  2. 2) Word Format (*.doc)
  3. 3) Excel Format (*.xls)
  4. 4) Access Format (*.mdb)
  5. 5) Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf)
  6. 6) HTML Format


  1. 1) Searching Internet for Relevant Information
  2. 2) Web Information Extraction
  3. 3) Online Form Entry
  4. 4) Online Product & Market Research
  5. 5) Data from Web to Excel, MS Word etc